In Omnia Paratus - Ready for Anything Cuff Bracelet

Gilmore Girls - In Omnia Paratus (meaning: ready for anything) is hand stamped onto a metal cuff of your choice.

1/4 inch wide x 6 inches long 

Choose your favorite metal:
1. Gold filled - beautiful 14K gold filled.
2. Rose gold filled - beautiful 14K rose gold filled - pink/copper color. 
3. Sterling silver - shiny, classic, beautiful. 
4. Stainless steel - NOT available for this design
5. Golden brass - quite nice - thick - very sturdy
6. Copper - rich color - can give an artsy, casual feel

::::GIFT:::: Your beautiful jewelry will come with a gift box and a keepsake, cotton, drawstring bag. ---Ready for gift giving-


::METAL QUALITY:: Everything Beautiful uses only high quality, thick metal for these jewelry pieces. The quality is superb which helps to make an outstanding jewelry piece that will be treasured.


::::QUANTITY:::: This listing is for one item unless you choose more.


::ABOUT EB JEWELRY:: Please note that this is a free hand form of art jewelry. Each piece is unique, and hand stamped with a hammer by me. Every letter will vary slightly one to the next although great alignment is the goal in this design. I believe that my clients appreciate the organic quality of one-of-a-kind pieces. With each swing of my hammer, your design was formed.

In Omnia Paratus - Ready for Anything Cuff Bracelet

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