I am my beloved's Hebrew Cuff Bracelet, Sterling, Gold, Rose Gold

A beautiful, metal cuff is hand stamped in Hebrew Ani L'Dodi v'Dodi Li (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine).  

This bracelet is perfect for anniversary gifts, hanukkah gifts, or birthday gifts to your beloved.

You choose:
With or without hearts
Metal type


This beautiful cuff comes in 3 different metal choices.  Each letter is hand stamped individually in Hebrew.

Please read entire description and the following NOTES:



1/4 inch by 6 inches (fits most)Unisex design


Choose your favorite metal:

1. Gold filled - beautiful 14K gold filled.

2. Rose gold filled - beautiful 14K rose gold filled - pink/gold color.

3. Sterling silver - shiny, classic, beautiful.

4. Stainless steel - sturdy, darker silver

5. Golden brass - really nice, golden, sturdy

6. Copper - casual feel, thick metal


This cuff is 6 inches plus it has a 1 inch gap for adjustability. It fits an average wrist size. Once you slip it on, you squeeze it until it fits your wrist. It may even take on the shape of your wrist after wearing and squeezing. 
(Smaller and larger sizes are available upon request.)


This listing is for one item unless you choose more.



Your beautiful jewelry will come with a gift box and a keepsake, cotton, drawstring bag. ---Ready for gift giving-



Everything Beautiful uses only high quality, thick metal for these jewelry pieces. The quality is superb which helps to make an outstanding jewelry piece that will be treasured.


Please note that this is a free hand form of art jewelry. Each piece is unique, and hand stamped with a hammer by me. Every letter will vary slightly one to the next although great alignment is the goal in this design. I believe that my clients appreciate the organic quality of one-of-a-kind pieces. With each swing of my hammer, your design was formed.


I am my beloved's Hebrew Cuff Bracelet, Sterling, Gold, Rose Gold

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