You are Everything Beautiful

I believe when we, as women, celebrate one another's accomplishments, every one of us is lifted up.

Woman - she is beautiful inside and out, strong and confident, passionate in her love, and exquisitely made.  She is worthy, she is wonderful, and she is to be celebrated!

Women serve the world in all kinds of capacities and often need reminders of just how amazing they are.  I can totally relate.  As I go through my day and change hats every few minutes, I love to have mementos around me that say I am a strong woman and I can do it...whatever IT is!  

The inspiration for my designs come from my own faith and fortitude.  I love empowerment quotes, positivity, and pretty things that make me feel connected to something bigger, something meaningful.

Each piece of jewelry in my shop is handcrafted by me. I love to use beautiful, high quality metals such as 14K gold filled, rose gold filled, and 925 sterling silver.  I mix them together, add some positivity and your captivating, inspirational design is ready to be shipped.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • My favorite reward for doing nearly anything on any day is coffee and organic chocolate.

  • I love watching superhero shows that feature women who kick bad guy butt...while I drink coffee and eat organic chocolate.

  • The beach is where I recharge, especially beaches that are natural and not crowded.  I may or may not drink coffee and eat organic chocolate while there.

  • I live in Indiana but the closest big city is Chicago and yes, they do sell coffee and organic chocolate here.

  • It's been said that I will change the world with my joy and my smile. I may have coffee breath, but that won't stop me from making a difference.



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Janet Powers

Artisan and Creative Visionary

of Everything Beautiful