Jewelry Care Guide

All jewelry comes with a special polishing cloth or pad.  This will help keep your jewelry glistening!


Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time due to moisture in the air and oils on your skin. The polish pad we include with your order will clean your jewelry quickly.


Copper and brass will patina or darken depending on the chemicals in the air and on the wearer.  You can polish it to keep it shiny or let it darken depending on your preferences.


Gold and rose gold filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded with a base metal such as sterling silver. Gold/rose gold filled won't tarnish or wear off.


Stainless steel is nearly perfect!  It is strong and doesn't tarnish but may get dirty when worn so make sure you clean it with a soft cloth.


Please don't use jewelry cleaners or liquids on Everything Beautiful jewelry, but especially, don't use ketchup.

Cleaning Cloths

Everything Beautiful always includes a white polishing pad or a Sunshine Cloth with your purchase. These are sample sizes and will last for a while.  You may want to purchase a full size Sunshine Cloth.  This is a 5x7 sized cloth that will clean most jewelry in your box including precious metals and costume jewelry and you can even use it on your special silverware and other metal items.

Purchase a Sunshine Cloth Here

remove when showering, 

swimming, using chemicals,

perfumes, & hairspray


to clean - rub with a soft 

polishing cloth


store in a sealed

box or bag


insider’s tip: when storing, add

a stick of white teacher’s chalk

to absorb chemicals from

the air that are harsh on jewelry

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