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How soon will I receive my order?

We’re so glad you’re excited about your order. Turnaround time is currently 7-10 business days although we do try for sooner! The arrival date will depend on the shipping method selected at checkout. Holiday turnaround times and dates will be posted on the website. Packages to USA will usually be delivered within 5 days after being shipped. Packages to Canada, Europe, & Australia generally arrive within 10 business days, although occasionally take up to 20 days. Please take this timeline into consideration if you are ordering for a specific event (birthday, holiday, etc.).

What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policies: Returns

Can I have something customized?

Yes! Please refer to our Designs Page - coming soon - for all customizable jewelry options. While we love to work with you to create a piece that is special to you, for brand purposes, we will design the piece for you. This means that we do not take orders for every specific part of the piece you want (specific charms for the words to be stamped on, specific chains, specific connectors and specific additions). We will allow you to include a few personal preferences, and you can reference a design you like in your order, but we will create the final design of the piece, with your input on what is special to you. We're unable to custom stamp anything that the Sales Department deems to be inappropriate, crude, or in conflict with our mission to spread love and inspire others.

Will you stamp on the back of my piece?

There are a few pieces that can be stamped on both sides. You'll see this noted in the product descriptions. Occasionally we can make acceptions but it will likely be stamped very lightly and must be ordered via request/email. We may be able to do a double up of your design by adding another disk which can be stamped with your customized words. If you'd like the back of a bracelet stamped, please see the hammered designs or the customized designs as they can often be stamped on both sides.

Will my jewelry tarnish?

All jewelry comes with a special polishing cloth or pad. This will help keep your jewelry glistening! Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time due to moisture in the air and oils on your skin. The polish pad we include with your order will clean your jewelry quickly. Copper and brass will naturally patina or darken. You can polish it to keep it shiny or let it darken depending on your preferences. Gold and rose gold filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded with a base metal such as sterling silver. Gold/rose gold filled won't tarnish or wear off. Stainless steel is nearly perfect! It is strong and doesn't tarnish but may get dirty when worn so make sure you clean it with a soft cloth. Please don't use jewelry cleaners or liquids on Everything Beautiful jewelry.

Are the letters/numbers stamped perfectly straight?

ALL jewelry hand stamped, not engraved, by Everything Beautiful will have slight differences from the photo. The variations in the textures for these items only add to the charm of hand-stamped jewelry, adding flair and giving each piece its own individual sense of character-no two are exactly alike! Each piece is hand stamped using individual stamping tools and letters (this is not engraved). Letters may not be perfectly aligned and spacing may vary which adds to the charm.

Do you giftwrap?

Everything Beautiful jewelry is boxed, put in a little bag, and is accomanied by a polishing cloth/pad. It is all ready for gift giving! If you'd like wrapping paper and a bow, that is available upon special request for $5

Does Everything Beautiful ship internationally?

Please refer to our shipping policies: Shipping

What percentage does Everything Beautiful donate to outside organizations?

Everything Beautiful is a For-Profit business with impact built into our business model. We donate various percentages and products that Janet feels led to donate and to various organizations and people that help empower women and families in the USA and around the world.

Is Everything Beautiful available for WHOLESALE?

We sure do! Please fill out our wholesle form: Wholesale - coming soon.

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